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We're Still In A Pandemic- A Surgery Update

A large chunk of my family just got over having Covid (not our little family, thankfully, but it was hard not being able to see them and knowing that 3 of them were too little to be vaccinated, and thus que my worrying about their health while simultaneously worrying about everything going on in my own life. Yay anxiety!)

Monday morning, my surgeon called me. He was regretfully informing me we had to reschedule surgery because, despite all of his own precautions, he himself had Covid. He called me from his personal cell phone and told me to reach out to him whenever I needed. He was really concerned about my mental well being and seemed shocked when I was more concerned about how HIS health was doing.

My surgery is now rescheduled for June 8th. My Covid test will be on the 6th (in the late afternoon) and I will be in self isolation after until my surgery. It is likely I will have to be at the hospital at 5AM as it is a 14 hour surgery.

Honestly, I'm fine emotionally about the delay. I felt like I wasn't prepared enough before, and this gives me more time to do the things I hadn't finished. It gives me more time to spend with the boys outside in the warm weather playing and having fun, and hopefully, finishing their bedroom makeover (this weekend!).

I have a rather large update about some things that have come up and needs while I'm in the hospital/post hospital release that I'll be posting soon, but for now I wanted to update everyone about the current surgery plan.

Thank you all so very much for your continued love and support.

I love you all so very much!



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