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Surgery Doesn't Always Go To Plan

I have neuropathy in my finger tips, so I'm going to let Mike's sister's (Katie) words speak for me about surgery. Everything will be in the past as this was directly post surgery.

"Her surgery went ~75% to plan yesterday. Her surgical team completed the removal of the affected ovary, fallopian tube, gallbladder, spleen, lesions in the peritoneal tissue (Mike said diaphragm where it touched the tumor on her colon), part of her colon and visible lesions from the surface of her liver. They did the hot chemo portion as well.

This is where we get some bad news - they attempted to do radiology guided ablation (radiation treatment of the small tumors that are below the surface) of her liver. However, they found 12 small tumors - more than expected - and aborted as it was too many for the treatment to be successful. So, they were not able to get the small liver tumors during this surgery.

In at least moderately good news, the tumors they observed were all in one lobe of her liver (which is good, because you can remove a portion of liver and still function), but the remaining unaffected lobe is smaller and may not be enough to support her. So, they did not remove it during surgery and will have to do some kind of follow up procedure.

Mike said the surgeon thought they would likely do a small procedure to implant a device that would encourage the smaller lobe of her liver to grow (perhaps even before she leaves the hospital), and do another surgery later to remove the affected lobe (assuming no new cancer has appeared). If they do that, then she'll likely have a few rounds of chemo in between. Timing to be determined at a later date."

More recent updates later.

Thank you all so much for your love. I do see it. Typing with numb and tingly fingertips is just....hard and weird.



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