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Omg That Incision Looks Gross (CRS/HIPEC Surgery Pt. 3)

Where were we?

Oh yes, healing, at home, in bed, hobbling to and from the bathroom. Truly freaking out about how AWFUL the incision looks that was made down the middle of my abdomen along the linea alba. The linea alba is a band of connective tissue that runs from a person's sternum to their public bone. It helps stabilize and brace the core muscles. (OH!! That explains a lot!) Basically, it's a REALLY long incision, AND the fact that they used staples (which my body absolutely hated) made it look terrifying.

Don't worry, I deleted all the photos with the staples. Nobody needs to see that.

And it was, awful. I had some spots that were too wide, and not healing properly it seemed, and they always felt like they were pulling, especially as we got closer and closer to staple removal time.

I'd like to pause here and mention....I asked for drugs before staple removal. I'm a wimp. There were a lot of staples. They don't give drugs for that. Without shame I will admit that I whined, whimpered and cried a bit, however it did feel SO much better once those staples were removed....and OH! It was so much less gross and scary looking without them as well!

I did end up having some issues with those two spots healing properly at first, (still having some pulling from the scabs which hurt, under which it was not doing well), but luckily after a strict plan of washing it twice a day, letting it air dry and then applying non-stick gauze, it healed perfectly. Three months later I still have new looking pink itchy skin, so it's still healing, but we're getting there.

I'm hoping someday I can learn to love my scar and what it did to my belly. It made me have an oval shaped belly button and a belly pouch. Perhaps in working on strengthening my core muscles it will start to look a bit more normal. Perhaps not. I don't love the way it looks, but I accept it and that's okay.

I do love my pregnancy stretch marks. They're my tiger stripes. *rawr* Perhaps I'll get there with this funny looking scar.



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