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Insurance Woes= Anxiety!

Back in January, I want to say, Mike's company was purchased by another company. It was a scary time already for us because I had just been recently diagnosed, and now we knew that things regarding how his company was run could change dramatically, including benefits. What I don't think either of us expected however, was that the new company would switch to their new payroll and benefits system in the middle of the year (July).

What this means for us is having to start over on a brand new insurance and finding new doctors for the boys, our PCP's, my therapists, etc. I'm lucky that the insurance covers all my specialists, but the truly awful part is that the deductible does not rollover. We have start that all over again, and it's several thousand dollars more than our previous deductible.

I'm glad that it happens post surgery (July 1st), however it will still cost us a significant amount of money, especially when my treatments start back up (24k per treatment means that my first treatment will be a hefty bill for us right off the bat).

Anyway, if I've been quiet lately, it is partially because my brain is worrying about this, along with not seeing my babies for two weeks post surgery because of Covid hospital rules. The anxiety is strong with this one, even though I know both the financial aspect will be okay and that the boys will also be okay between being with family and family friends, face timing me, and having their build-a-bears with my voice in them.

Also, if you're local to me and can recommend an amazing pediatrician on the Anthem network, please let me know, because we're on the search BEFORE the time to switch comes.




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