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Day 5 Post Chemo 1

Browen update: "Chemo has kicked my ass since the last update. I'm positive but truly feel sick every day. It's starting to get better but I've spent the majority of the last 5 days sleeping. Thank you to everyone who has sent positive thoughts and well wishes."

Browen is dealing with nauseau from the chemo which is triggering some not happy memories from having hyperemesis gravidarum during pregnancy (speaking from experience, it is basically like having a stomach bug for months on end and is it horrid). Zofran is helping but isn't bullet proof, as much as we wish it was. So the next best thing is sleeping through the worst of it. She is slowing starting to feel better a little more day by day so keep the positive messages and thoughts flowing. She did share this beautiful tiktok to some friends and it was a beautiful pick me up. We are keeping our hopes up that this is her at her 1 year mark.

Her fundraiser is at $9770! Please keep sharing and thank you for all your love and support for her and her family during this time.

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