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Unexpected Good From the Bad

When I posted about my initial ordeal with my ovary, and I quote "trying to kill me." I didn't actually think this would become my reality, nor did I expect any good to come out of my cancer diagnosis, but it has, in more ways than one, but today I'm just going to focus on one of them.

Let me explain.

I often post about things to help other people. So when I was experiencing a cyst that ruptured, my first thought wasn't, "let's get some attention and make a post," it was, "omg, I'm an idiot and should have gone into the hospital earlier, I know people exactly like me who should, oh I don't know, listen to their bodies."

So, I made a Facebook post.

That little simple post that said, hey, stop ignoring your body's signals telling you something is wrong? It's already helped people. Several people have told me they went and saw their doctor and they found something that required further testing. Things they had been ignoring. I'll say it again here. If you've been ignoring your body trying to tell you that something is off, stop. Go and see your doctor now. Do it for me.

You matter. Start treating yourself like it.



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