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Living With Stage IV Cancer

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In mid December 2021, I needed surgery to address what seemed to be an inflamed ovary. On the 23rd, I received the news that they found cancerous cells. 
At 37 years old, I found out that I'm a part of the 1% of colon cancer patients diagnosed before the age of 40. This news is and continues to be devastating for me and my family. At the onset, it had metastasized to the right side of my liver, ovaries, lymph nodes and general pelvic area, meaning, straight out of the gates, I was Stage IV Colorectal Cancer.
Most recently, the cancer has spread to both sides of my liver, more lymph nodes, my uterus, and lungs. I'm currently on my second line of treatment and living each day with realistic optimism, finding tangible hope, and finding joy in the small things. 

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